The brain behind SEA:

I am Sudipta Kesar, an English language instructor dedicated to empowering individuals through effective communication. I hold a Master’s certification in teaching English as a foreign language from the esteemed London College of Teachers and Trainers, UK. My primary objective is to aid individuals in cultivating exceptional communication skills and fostering self confidence. I firmly advocate that mastering language facilitates empathy and encourages inclusivity.

Through personalized and engaging instruction, my aim is to impart not only linguistic proficiency but also a sense of empowerment and self-assurance to my students. I invite you to join me on this journey of language mastery and personal development, where each step brings us closer to a world of mutual understanding and celebration.

Sudipta's English Academy

Sudipta’s English Academy is more than just a language institute; it’s a hub for personal and professional growth. Founded with a passion for education and a commitment to excellence, the academy offers comprehensive courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of students.

The approach is centred on interactive learning, personalised instruction, and practical applications. Whether you’re looking to master communication skills or develop personality and public speaking abilities, the academy provides the tools and support necessary for success.

What sets the academy apart is its dedication to each student’s journey. Understanding that everyone learns differently, there’s a prioritisation of flexibility, customisation, and individualised attention. From beginners seeking to build a solid foundation in English to learners aiming to fine-tune language skills, the academy caters to beginners of all backgrounds.

Join Sudipta’s English Academy and embark on a transformative educational experience, empowering you to reach new heights in personal and professional life.

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