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Sudipta’s English Academy believes in the transformative power of language. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or seeking to refine your skills, the academy offers comprehensive English language courses tailored to your needs. Sudipta Kesar, the sole instructor at Sudipta’s English Academy, personally oversees every aspect of your learning journey. With a focus on interactive sessions, engaging activities, and practical exercises, she ensures that each lesson is not only educational but also enjoyable. Her teaching methodology emphasizes real-world applications, encouraging you to actively participate and apply your new found knowledge in everyday scenarios.

Interactive Lessons

Flexible Payment Options

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Certified Instructors

What does the academy offer?

Sudipta’s English Academy provides courses in spoken English for children and adults, personality development, and public speaking skills. As a participant, you will become part of a vibrant community dedicated to learning and personal growth. Irrespective of your professional background or lifestyle, whether you are a professional, student, or homemaker, you are cordially invited to join our esteemed community of language enthusiasts.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Cover all aspects of English learning, including spoken English for children and adults and personality development.

Live Interactive Sessions

Participate in live classes and interactive sessions with fellow learners.

Beginner Friendly Lesson

Engage in lessons that are beginner-friendly and easy to pick up.


Earn a recognized certificate upon course completion to validate your English proficiency.

Community Support

Join a vibrant community of learners and practice English in a WhatsApp group.

Experience the convenience of learning English from the comfort of your home, free from the hassles of travel.

What sets SEA apart from other English language academies is its exclusive focus on beginner level learners of English. Our courses are tailored for adults striving to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. At SEA, we prioritize a seamless language acquisition process, steering clear of overly complex or challenging learning methodologies.

Our class schedules at SEA are exceptionally convenient, enabling learners to participate from the comfort of their homes after completing their daily obligations. You need not worry about missing classes due to late work hours, as our sessions are conducted during late-evenings. Isn’t that remarkable?

Interactive Learning Sessions

Engage in dynamic and immersive lessons where active participation is encouraged. Through interactive activities, discussions, and multimedia resources, students experience language learning in a stimulating and enjoyable environment.

Real-world Applications

Practical English skills are honed through simulated conversations and real-life scenarios, fostering confidence and effective communication.  



Easy Steps

Embark on your language journey with Sudipta’s English Academy. Through classroom instruction, convenient scheduling, and tailored support, SEA empowers you to achieve your learning goals effectively.


Contact the academy to speak to the sole instructor, Sudipta Kesar, at SEA. Your needs will be thoroughly discussed and you will be recommended a suitable course accordingly.

Choose Courses

Post the consultation, visit the website to check the details of the recommended course to make your final decision.

Enroll Through Website

Once you have chosen a course for yourself, enroll in it by filling up the enrolment form and you will be all set. Easy-peasy!

Courses Explore courses tailored to your learning journey with SEA!

Discover personalized language instruction with tailored support at Sudipta’s English Academy. Unlock your language potential and achieve your learning goals with SEA today.

Spoken English Course For Adults

Prepare comprehensively for real-world communication with our specialized Spoken English Course for Adults. Improve conversation skills, master pronunciation, and boost fluency. Receive expert guidance and tailored support to build confidence and achieve success in personal, academic, and professional settings.



Spoken English Course For Children

Prepare comprehensively for future communication with our specialized Spoken English Course for Children. Improve conversation skills, master pronunciation, and boost fluency. Receive expert guidance and tailored support to build confidence and achieve success in academic and social settings.



Personality Development and Public Speaking Skills

Prepare comprehensively for confident expression with our specialized Personality Development and Public Speaking Skills Course. Improve communication skills, master public speaking, and boost self-esteem.




Testimonials reflect transformative experiences witnessed in students who’ve benefitted from the courses. Hear how Sudipta’s English Academy enhances language proficiency, confidence, and communication skills for personal and professional success.

Have questions or ready to start your language journey? Get in touch with Sudipta’s English Academy today!

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Get in touch and let me know how I can help.

If you have any questions, need assistance, or want to learn more about the courses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

General Questions

A range of courses are available, including Spoken English for Adults, Spoken English for Children, Personality Development, and Public Speaking Skills.

Personalized guidance is available for individuals to clear doubts and contact as per availability. One-on-one classes are not available.

To enroll, simply contact SEA via phone or email, or visit the website to fill out the enrollment form.

Yes, Courses tailored exclusively for beginners.

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